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Our mission at CnPlus Computer Center is to become the most respected, trusted, and preferred software consulting firm in the industry by providing only the highest quality services to our clients at an affordable price.

So, whether you are looking to completely outsource a software project, or add world-class software professionals to your team, we will deliver.



To ensure our clients are getting the best and most cost-effective solutions, we use the latest technologies that are optimized for current operating systems including:
1. Apple iOS Development / iOS App Development
2. Google Android Development / Android App Development
3. Mobile Web Development
4. Enterprise Software Development



When your customer visits your web site they normally make the decision whether to buy from you within the first few seconds. Building the customers trust in that time is the most difficult thing to do – that is why it is important to have a professionally built, fast and secure site that will leave your customers confident they can shop safely.

CnPlus Computer Center can help guide you or your designers through the process of developing your online shop. Once the software is written we can help you choose suitable hosting and then set up and deploy your shop quickly and efficiently. We will help you through some of the complex compliance issues such as Payment Card Industry data security standard compliance testing (PCI DSS) and we will work to best practices guidelines to secure and test your system.



Our goal is to build websites that communicate effectively for our clients, and produce results.

If sounds like a whole lot of marketschpeak, it is. But it’s also true. We love well designed websites, but a site that is organized, has a clear hierarchy, executes an effective sales funnel, and speaks to your customers is better.



We create unique eLearning customized for your training objectives. Our Service includes:
1. Learning management system [LMS]
2. Web-Based Training
3. Mobile Learning



We provide animation and design services to all industry’s including corporate branding, promotional videos, music videos and mobile technology.
Our services include:
1. Animation 3D and 2D
2. 3D Modeling
3. Animated logo rendering
4. Character illustration
5. Environments
6. Interactive DVD's & eBooks
7. Motion Graphics

The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.

Elbert Hubbard

There is no substitute for hard work.

Thomas A. Edison



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"Connecting People and Information Device to Control, Monitoring and Automation"

We are an IT Developer, System Integrators, Solution Providers, Training & Consulting which has Homebase in Tangerang. We are ready to assist in creating, updating, and maintaining IT systems to make the systems and procedures of your company or your business becomes automatic. We use IT technology to help your business become more effective and efficient.

With our slogan "Connecting People and Information Device to Control, Monitoring and Automation" we will prove our work is structured, unite people, machines and information, to control, monitor and automate. And our slogan "If you can measure it you can control it, if you can control it, you will be the winner, meaning that we will make you a winner in yourself.

We should be entitled methodelogi work evolved using methodelogi spiral. And we will measure the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and Performance Appraisal.


1. Conducting consultations, analysis and best business development and customer satisfaction.
2. To conduct the analysis and development of software, to automate business processes and integration that is based disciplines for optimal results, effectively and efficiently to customer satisfaction.
3. Provide excellent service to the systems and applications that have been created in order to after sales service for customer satisfaction.
4. Provide optimum advantages and benefits to all parties concerned.


Become a Business Solution Consultant, IT Consultant, Software Developer & Integrator that Powerful and Reliable


This is our little but amazing teams

Dr. Tjahjanto, S.Kom, MM

FOUNDER, CEO, IT Consultant

Lulus pendidikan doktor di ITB Bandung tahun 2016 pada jurusan Teknik Elektro & Informatika (STEI) dengan fokus Data dan Software Engineering. Lulus sarjana dari jurusan Teknologi Informatika Universitas Budi Luhur tahun 2001 dan Pascasarjana Magister Manajemen Informasi Universitas Budi Luhur tahun 2004. Pada tahun 2005 mulai bekerja sebagai IT Consultant untuk Industri Perbankan dan Computer Automation, serta dosen diberbagai Universitas pada fakultas Teknik Informatika.

Prigadhi, ST

Senior Computer Networking

Lulus Sarjana dari Jurusan Teknik Elektro Universitas Jenderal Ahmad Yani (Cimahi) pada tahun 1999. Mengawali karir sebagai Network Support Engineer di PT. Gemawidia Statindo Komputer pada tahun 2000. Di tahun 2002-2010 menjadi System Support Engineer kemudian tahun 2011-2015 sebagai Data Center Engineer di PT. Gemawidia Solusi Komputer. Tahun 2015-2016 bergabung dengan PT. Bumi Arasy Konsultanindo sebagai IT Assistant Manager. Selama karir menangani bidang computer networking menggunakan perangkat dari berbagai vendor jaringan yang terkemuka. Menangani sistim fault tolerant server untuk aplikasi di beberapa perbankan nasional. Menangani virtualisasi dan sistim penyimpanan data skala enterprise. Menyukai dan bermain dengan sistim operasi yang open source sejak tahun 1996 sampai sekarang.

Pajar Saputra, M.Kom


Lulus Sarjana dari jurusan Sistem Komputer STMIK Raharja pada tahun 2010. Saat ini bekerja sebagai Senior Web Programmer pada CnPluS Computer Center, juga terjun dalam dunia edukasi sebagai tenaga pengajar pada Short Course dan Workshop Programming, juga sebagai pembimbing Mahasiswa yang sedang melakukan Tugas Akhir / Skripsi. Tertarik pada dunia Web Programming khususnya PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessing). Database : MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL. Javascript : JQuery Technology. Desain : CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash. CMS (Content Management System) Open Source: Joomla, Wordpress. Serta dunia Interfacing Mikrokontroler MCS-51 dan ATMEGA terutama di bidang LED POV (Persistence Of Vision) dan Controlling Device.

Wahyu Hanafi, S.Kom


Sangat menyukai design dan menghabiskan waktu untuk mendesign sebuah interaksi antaran user dengan sistem. Dengan design yang interaktif, maka akan menimbulkan pengalaman dan kesan tersendiri untuk user.

Nadi, S.Kom


Lulus Sarjana dari jurusan Teknik Informatika STMIK Raharja pada tahun 2015. Menyukai bidang programming seperti web based application dalam bahasa pemrograman seperti bahasa Hypertext Multi Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), Hypertext Preprosesor (PHP) dan Javascript. Database application yang sering digunakan adalah MySQL. Selain itu, tertarik juga pada design web templates menggunakan aplikasi Adobe Photoshop. Saat ini bekerja sebagai web base programmer pada CnPlus Computer Center .

Aldian Syahputra, S.Kom


Mahasiswa aktif Universitas Budi Luhur, Tertarik pada dunia Web Programming khususnya PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessing). Database : MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL. Javascript : JQuery Technology. Desain : CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, CMS (Content Management System).

Arif Antoni


IT Networking. Mahasiswa aktif Institu Teknologi Indonesia (ITI) , Tertarik pada dunia Web Programming khususnya PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessing).

Roynaldy Rosdiyanto, S.Kom


Lulus sarjana dari jurusan Sistem Infromasi Universitas Budi Luhur pada tahun 2016. Tertatik dalam bidang menganalisa sebuah sistem berjalan atau sistem yang sedang ingin dibangun.